Horror, Short Stories

Margaret Hill

I wasn't planning on writing today. I was taking it easy on the sofa with a Netflix film on pause, a half-finished pizza and chicken-wing bones on a plate beside me, while surfing the cesspool of social media and bracing for the incoming violent typhoon (another story brewing in my mind); then a scary story… Continue reading Margaret Hill

Literary, Short Stories

Like a Fish out of Water

This story has been forming in my head last Saturday night when I was doing the dishes. But some stories take some time before they grow organically and take a life of their own. Some stories simmer a little bit longer than others. And then the plot reveals itself little by little as I am… Continue reading Like a Fish out of Water

Literary, Short Stories

In the Sweltering Heat of Summer

I decided to write today and this story formed in my mind while I was fixing breakfast for myself. I've always been drawn to write about human struggles and everyday life; how one seemingly inconsequential event could have a domino effect in our lives. The story presented itself to me as the story of a… Continue reading In the Sweltering Heat of Summer